First Post

My name is Jerome and I am on a quest to find the discover the deepest secrets of the universe. I began this intellectual journey around 6 years ago when I discovered a book on Einstein. To my surprise, I was amazed to find the contents of the book extremely invigorating and deeply intellectually satisfying. So it was the case that I continued from here buying and studying as much as material as possible. At the deepest level, I want to know how the universe, and indeed anything in it, works.

Questions of relevance here are:
Why am I here?
Who am I?
To where am I destined?
What does the future hold?
Is science the only way to know the world?
And, of course, is there a God?

The list goes on and on and I make no such attempt to answer them here. I simply want to explore the details of reality and see what thoughts come to mind. Let us, in our shared experiences, enjoy what is discovered.


About insightsofmind

Hello my name is Jerome and welcome to my blog. Here you will find various media and articles on assorted topics from around the world and some of my own personal interests. I’ve made this blog so you too can enjoy the topics and issues I examine and discuss in detail here. On occasion, I will only post bits and pieces for I am a busy guy. But when I get the time I always try to post as much material as possible. Now that you’re here take the time to look around and see if there’s anything that peaks your interest. Some material you will find will be pictures; others will be videos and articles. I’ve tried to offer a wide variety of mediums so that you the viewer can find the one that most suits you. And I hope with the time you’ve taken to at least read this you are already interested in what I have posted here. Thanks for your time.
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