Religion on the Line

This was a debate between Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager (at least that is the way it was advertised). As it turns out, however, the format was Hugh Hewitt interviewing Dennis Prager about his religious views. On this occasion, Prager talked about doctrines, rituals, rites of passage and all the other activities and beliefs that are encompassed in religion. Prager happens to be a jew incidentally and it was interesting to hear someone speak from an essentially non-Christian perspective. Pragers views are that secularism and indeed atheism is far more irrational in how it accounts for phenomena in the world. God, he claims, explains more than the atheist can and therefore he holds to the religious view not only because it’s more rational but also because he finds solace in its beliefs–something he had mentioned in the debate.

In any event, enjoy the pics. I tried to sharpen as many as I could to bring out the two speakers in the background. In all pics (as far as I can tell) Prager is on the left and Hugh Hewitt on the right. I was seated half way back so it was hard to tell who’s who and also get high resolution pics. Nevertheless, here they are.

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